Equipo de fabricacion para pzas metalicas: MITSUBISHI 4 KW. LVP II series Laser with 3D tube capability and up to 1" thick steel Motoman Robotic Welder FINN-POWER CNC P - 5 HYDRAULIC TURRET PUNCH PRESS. FINN-POWER CNC E - 5 ELECTRIC TURRET PUNCH PRESS. FINN-POWER CNC TP-2520 HYDRAULIC TURRET PUNCH PRESS. FINN-POWER CNC 8 AXIS ROBOTIC 90 TON. PRESS BRAKE 12’ 140 ton. Beyeler 6 axis CNC Press Brake 12’  90 ton Beyeler 6 axis CNC Press Brake 12', 150 ton. CINCINNATI Press Brake 8´ 150 ton. CINCINNATI Press Brake 10', 90 ton.   CHICAGO CNC Press Brake 8’  30 ton.  WYSONG CNC Press Brake 6'  40 ton. WYSONG CNC Press Brake 6', 30  ton   NEWTON Press Brake 6', 20 ton   CHICAGO  Press Brake. 3'x12 Ga. PULLMAX Nibbling Machine 1/4" Wire bender Lubow semi automatic pnoumatic wire benders PHI CNC 3D Tube bender 1 " Tube bender (round or square) 1" Tube roll bender 90 ton. PELOPLAS OBI Punch Press 80 ton. NIAGARA OBI Punch Press 45 ton.   PELOPLAS OBI Punch Press 45  ton.  NIAGARA OBI Punch Press 45  ton.  CERVANTES   Punch Press 25  ton.   PELOPLAS      Punch Press 15  ton.   PELOPLAS      Punch Press 5  ton.  ALLEN   Punch Press 10'x1/4" ILMA  Mechanical Shear 10’x1/4 Niagara Hydraulic Shear 4'x 14 Ga. WYSONG Shear Hydraulic automatic tube slotters. 150 KVA Sciaky spot welder w/electronic control 70 x 4 kva. PEER multi-electrode spot welder 50 kva. ISEA Projection spot welder w/ENTRON control 30 kva. STRYCO  Spot welder 20   kva. FARSOEL  Spot Welder Auto Sert Hardware insertion presses Haeger Hardware insertion press 200 amp. WESTINGHOUSE Arc welders 300  amp.    CHAMPION MIG welders 200  amp. MILLER TIG welding MILLER TIG welders PVC Plastic Extruder 8000 lbs. Forklift 6000 lbs. Forklift Hydraulic man lift Tools and Dies : We have more than 900 dies and tools for : Bending Notching Punching Making different types of brackets Tube Slotting etc., etc. Equipo para terminado: Nordson I Control Automatic Powder System with 10 guns Nordson I Control Prodigy Powder System with 10 guns Nordson Horizon 400 In Line Powder Booth Nordson Color Max quick color change booth CEMCO 36 in. Wide wet belt sander for brushed finish. WHEELABRATOR type, vibratory deburring machine 6 stage immersion pre treatment process GEMA Powder coating manual guns. GEMA Batch Powder booths 30 HP. SULAIR  air compressor 75 HP. Quincy air compressor 8'x12'x8' gas heated drying oven Conveyorized Paint line, pre treatment system with 6 step spray washer, dry off oven 1 Automatic Nordson Powder Booth and Cure Oven with a part capacity of 2 ft. W, 5 ft. H and 8 ft. L..  with a conveyor speed of  8 feet per minute Conveyorized Paint line, 1 Automatic Nordson Powder Booth, electric infrared Cure Oven with a part capacity of 6 in. W, 4 ft. H conveyor speed of  6 feet per minute Programas de diseño : Auto CAD stations Solid Works stations Equipo de fabricacion para pzas de madera: Weeke BP-12 CNC Work center VERTICAL SAW GMC 20' X 8' 1HORIZONTAL SAW 10' ROBLAND DELTA SAW 16" BELT SANDER TYLER MULTIPLE ROUTER FOR SLATWALL MULTIPLE DRILL WITH 27 SPINDLES HINGE MACHINE SGV CEHISA AUTOMATIC EDGE BANDER STETON CURVE EDGE BANDER STETON CURVE EDGE BANDER CUTTER MONCO MELAMINE LAMINATOR LIFT TABLES PINCH ROLLER AND GLUE SPREADER FOR HPL HAND TOOS AND JIGS SULLAIR 25 HP COMPRESSOR 30 HP DUST COLLECTOR 5 HP SUPLEMENTAL DUST COLLECTORS 2.5 TON. MITSUBISHI FORK LIFT Herramientas: 12"x60"  lathe 8"x 40" lathe 5"x 24"  lathe CNC wire erosion machine MOSSNER vertical band saw 16" RUEGER shaper BIRMINHAM  milling machine CHEVALLIER milling machine UNIVERSAL milling machine V-25 ARBOGA  milling machine 3/4"  ARBOGA drill press 1/2" drill presses 8"x24" COMET hydraulic surface grinder Heat treatment oven ROCKWELL Hardness Tester Sets of measuring eq. and hand tools for tool makers TOOLS and accessories for the above equipment. INICIO | FABRICACIÓN | GALERÍA | CALIDAD | CONTACTO | TECNOMETAL Derechos reservados Tecnometal® S.A. de C.V.